10 December 2012

Full and fun {the weekend that was}

Aren't weekends in December pure madness?

Where if you have less than about 6 things on over the weekend, it feels like a 'quiet' one! Ha ha. The joys of the season.

Anyway, this past weekend was chocka full but still full of fun. I spent Friday night writing Christmas cards while we watched Rock of Ages. Golly me, could there have been a worse film made? I seriously feel like that was a wasted 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back. Oh well, at least I didn't have to concentrate too hard on the film while I was writing my cards.

Saturday kicked off with shopping and football. Mylo is SO enjoying his first season of Little Dribblers, he is so confident and has scored goals every week and a hat-trick (three goals) this past weekend. They have 15 minutes of drills followed by a 10-15 minute game. With 2 and 3 year olds playing, it's about the perfect length of time for them to really enjoy having a kick around without losing concentration.

I love watching Mylo and Daddy spending this time together. They both absolutely love it.

I love seeing how adept this little guy is at dribbling a ball already.

Love the pep talks and the determination.

 And who could forget this kid's great facials?! He cracks me up.

Tunnels is one of his favourite games. Run towards the ball (that's between Dad's legs), crawl through and then dribble the ball into the goal.

I'm not sure what joke they were sharing but it was obviously pretty funny.

Love seeing happiness on this kid's happy face, when he's doing what he loves.

Oh and the aerial fly-by Daddy indulged him in so he could give us all high fives at the end.

That great session was followed by a lovely catch up with our friends Sally and Olly over lunch, and then I indulged in some lemon fizzy bath bomb making and candy cane marshmallow pops to give as gifts to our life group friends coming for brunch on Sunday.

Saturday night we sat down and watched the 1st Lord of the Rings movie, now that was NOT a waste of space at all - I loved it - it really is an epic set of movies. We plan on watching the other 2 again before tackling The Hobbit over the New Year  - we are planning on watching it with my brother and his wife when they visit and where could be better than at The Embassy where the world premiere was?! Can't wait.

Sunday morning we had our lifegroup friends over for a BYO brunch which was lovely and relaxed, despite there being 5 couples and 7 kids running around between us all. Noah and I headed out for his swimming lessons at lunchtime and then raced home to pick up Dad and Mylo se we could get down to town for the annual Christmas parade at 2pm.

And it was HOTTTTTTTT, the hottest afternoon I can ever remember watching it. We had to get iceblocks half way through it was that warm - not that I'm complaining mind you, we don't often get afternoons like it!

This year's floats brought a few new faces, Scrat and Sid from Ice Age, A Shark's Tale, a super duper Star Wars vehicle, and even Harry Potter!

We'd made our way down through the James Cook hotel and afterwards hung out in the coolness of the hotel lobby while Mark went to get the car. My little larrikins enjoyed hanging out by the fake fireplace, with orangey ice block faces and bare feet climbing all over the couches.

Love how even the hotel has gotten into the Christmas spirit.

We headed home for the afternoon, picked some salad leaves, re-staked the peas, and weeded the front garden whilst Mark then went out to watch the Phoenix (lose unfortunately). Tonight we're sat enjoying one of our favourite Christmas films Love Actually - it has such a great soundtrack and I just love how they artfully weave all the stories together, oh and it's laugh out loud funny too!

I'm already tired thinking of another busy week ahead with a cupcake making night out on Tuesday, my work team curry and bowling night Wednesday, a play date with Noah's best mate here on Friday and then the daycare Christmas party over dinner Friday night, and then another busy weekend ahead.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I need to find some time to wrap presents, get a few more gifts in the post, and keep remembering to spread the joy of Christmas!

Which to be fair is easy for me to do no matter how busy or crazy life seems to get at this time of the year.

Why? Because it's my favourite time of the year. Of course I love all that glitters and sparkles, the sound of Christmas carols on repeat in our house, the smell of Christmas pine and mulled wine, but even more I love the opportunity to be with family, and to spend time reflecting on the greatest love story man has ever known.


PaisleyJade said...

Phew... and I thought my week was busy! Love all your goings ons and precious family!

Sammy said...

Wow you have MASSIVE capacity, seriously impressed! Love hearing about your weekend x


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