03 December 2012

How we roll...for Christmas

Well the countdown is officially on now that it's December! 

So I thought it'd be fun to make up a little Word Art to remind us of the activities we have planned over at our place these next few weeks! Now that December is already a couple of days through, we've already done a few of these and have planned other fun activities around the craziness that is this month.

Here a few shots of our new snowman and christmas tree ornaments sent over from Grandma & Grandad in England shadowed by a little bit of tree bokeh creativity.

I think I might have finally grasped the 'how to get good Christmas tree light shots' concept this year?!

And I couldn't resist a picture or two of the gorgeous smelling cinnamon candle that is regularly wafting through the house too.



Widge said...

I love the look of that candle. Must smell divine! Gorgeous shot too

Simoney said...

Oh my gosh, gorgeous!!!
That candle, the bokeh... FAB!!!

P.S. don't forget my christmas linky...

Sammy said...

Yes you truly have got amazing photos down pat- you clever girl! Love them!

Miriam said...

looks gorgeous!

Cat said...

Oh squee that wall art is amazing! Talented Talented Talented
And the candle - where did you manage to find cinnamon sticks?


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