12 December 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

1. Exploring Godzone
This year we are going further afield for a holiday when Grandma and Grandad are here from England. I am so looking forward to seeing the beautiful Far North, and I'm hoping that it'll be lovely and warm to boot too. We are flying to Auckland and then driving to Paihia for 5 nights and hoping to do a bit of tiki touring around that part of Northland before finishing off with a couple of nights in Ruakaka at the end. Here are some snippets of places I am looking forward to seeing on the trip.

2. A Homemade Christmas
I'm fairly sure I can safely tick this one off the list already. Between the fizzy bath bombs, chocolate lip gloss, cinnamon scented candles and other things I've been making, most of the females on my Christmas list will have benefited from some lovely homemade goodness. And let's not forget the homemade Christmas wreath and NOEL wall art either I guess.

And goodness me, it's been a lot of fun!

3. Take a photography course online
Despite the fact I think my photography skills have improved over the past couple of years, it's probably only because it's inevitable I've had to learn something along the way after taking thousands of photos! But I'm yet to fully embrace all there is to learn about shooting in manual, composition and lighting so I figure it's about time I get some professional help and take it to the next level. Now to just get onto it and organise it!

4. A night away with hubby
This one could be a bit of a pipe dream, unless we can convince some willing helpers (unsuspecting suckers) to enable it to happen. I have this dream of going away just for one night somewhere that is far enough away from everyday life to feel like a little break and some 'us' time. I have this picture in my head of a romantic cottage somewhere away from it all where we can just 'be' together.


So now calling for those (unsuspecting poor people) volunteers?!

5. Wallpaper the hall
We are gradually getting through painting the whole house and now only have the hallways and our room upstairs to do. I say 'we' figuratively because it has pretty much been done singlehandedly by Mark. I have however, chosen some wallpaper I'd like to zhush up the hallway. It's currently a very dark blue that goes all the way up the stairs and along one wall of our bedroom. We've even selected a lovely patterned wallpaper design that we like. Now it's just a matter of finding a decorator (we are NOT attempting this ourselves) and making it happen!

It's not a particularly long list this year, as I think our summer is going to be full enough as it is of fun and family times with both my brother and his wife and Mark's parents here at different times.

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How about you, do you ever think about a wish list of things you want to do and see over the summer?!


jacksta said...

eek! you are going to love northland. It is lovely...probably why we all live here. If you need any ideas let us know :)

jacksta said...

And dont forget seeing us too!

Neetz said...

Totally agree with the Northland comments from my fellow whangarei blogger Jackie :) WE should have a meet up for coffee... would be great to meet you xx

Katie said...

great bucket list! Love your handmade Christmas ideas. hope you have a great trip up North :-)

PaisleyJade said...

Can't wait to meet up!!

Cat said...

How long are you in Auckland for?
Loving the handmade Christmas!

Cat said...

How long are you in Auckland for?
Loving the handmade Christmas!


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