23 April 2013

How To: create an Instagram feed on your blog

These days there are many different ways we can choose to share our lives online.

Facebook, blogging, Instagram, Twitter - there are so many choices. For me, my choice is to post updates with pictures that tell a story which is why I love Instagram, but what I love even better is being able to post Instagram to Facebook AND the blog in one easy step.

Here's how you do it:

Go to snapwidget.com.

Click on Get Your Free Widget

Enter your Instagram username and modify the other settings to your choosing.

Then click on Get Widget.

Copy the text from the box and then go to your blog Layout page and click on Add a Gadget.

Scroll down and choose the Configure HTML/Javascript from the gadget options.

Then paste in the text that you copied from the Snapwidget box.

Select where you would like the Instagram feed to show up - i.e. in your side bar etc and re-arrange your other gadgets as necessary.

Happy auto-Instagramming!

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Nikki said...

You're a dream! I was going to ask you next time we skyped how to do it! X

Cat said...

Thank you so much
I want to add this to my blog

remaliah said...

Hi Meg, thanks for your tutorials! I have a question that maybe you can help me with or point me in the right direction...how do you change the actual font of the text in the posts...if that makes sense? There is a very limited selection of fonts to choose from to write the posts in, but I notice that other people seem to have figured out how to change that. Do you know how?

Unknown said...

Thanks Megan! That's perfect!! :)

Elizabeth said...

AWESOME - thank you so much, got it working on mine now also!

Elizabeth said...

Urghhh - I had this working perfectly, as my comment above says; but it no longer works :-(!

Have you got any ideas (I changed my url to .co.nz, and my instagram name to my blog name rather than the one I originally used, but even with those changes updated it still isn't working)!?!


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