10 July 2013

My glass eye

The story is as re-told to me by Mark the other week:

One night last week Noah was reading his homework book from school.

Mark had an itchy eye and was rubbing it and it was making a very peculiar squeaking noise as he rubbed it, but he carried on not thinking that Noah could actually hear it.

Noah stopped reading his book and said "Daddy I don't like that noise you're making with your eye"

Mark ever the joker replied "I can't help it. I had a glass eye put in today because my eye wasn't working very well"

"What do you mean?" asked Noah, puzzled

"You know like Mad-eye Moody in Harry Potter" said Mark.

To which Noah replied "Really Dad?!"

And Mark said "Nah, not really"

Noah said sadly "Oh I was gonna cry for you Daddy that would have been so sad". And then he proceeded to get a bit annoyed at having had the wool pulled over his eyes!

But I hope he always has such a kind and gentle caring heart.

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