12 July 2013

Things I'm Loving 12.7.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

A new play space 
A few weeks ago the outdoor space at daycare got a complete makeover and boy does it look great now. Around the outside is a wooden track for the kids to ride their bikes on or push trucks and diggers around on. And in the middle is an awesome soft astro-turf to replace the squishy playground type matting that was down before.

Ice, ice baby
It's been pretty blimin brrrr this week, particularly this one morning that I went out this week. I was amazed at how thick the ice was on the car roofs, thick enough for some quite intriguing patterns to have formed. I was pretty glad of my rainbow wristies to keep my little handies warm that morning!

Speaking of which....
How spoilt am I?! When I got a new iPhone 5 with my job, I had to get myself a new Punch Buggy case as the old one didn't fit. So I found a new home for my old case with the lovely Leonie from Kiwi at Heart - and in return she made me these - pretty good trade don't you think?!

Old dog, same tricks
Yep, it's another public toilet photo - hey they're my specialty didn't you know?!. This one taken at Bangalore Polo Club when I went out for dinner with friends last weekend. It's a good thing the toilet was worth taking a photo of because my Malaysian Fish Curry was pretty nondescript and immediately forgettable which was a bit of a shame!

Hat-trick by half-time
This little guy continues to boss the field at football. Last weekend he'd scored a hat-trick by half-time and another one by full-time. Love the happy face enjoying a 5 minute sit-down between halves.

Toast Soldiers
This is the latest craze at our place in the mornings. Love the concept, and that despite cutting out the soldiers, the crusts DO still get eaten!


The Three Skidooshes
Noah was stoked to have one of his best and oldest buddies over for a playdate last weekend. It's inevitable that the dress-ups come out at any play-date at our place and this one was no different. These three nicknamed themselves The Three Skidooshes - I reckon they're the best superheroes you could ever hope to come to your rescue!

A great night out
With Mark's wee mishap last week (more on that here), I'm loving that we'd already made the decision to go out for our mid-winter life-group catch up to the Southern Cross restaurant rather than hosting at our place which we have in other years.

Despite the fact I've been there a few times for various events, I hadn't been out to eat there with such a big family group of us before and I was totally amazed at how great the service was. The kids were given awesome colouring-in packs to keep them entertained and their meals were served pronto. The boys look pretty stoked to be digging into their giant-sized mud-cakes don't they!

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Sima J said...

As always, love reading your blog :-)

jacksta said...

A little bit country said...

Love those gloves. And where did you get the soldier cutter, that would go down a treat in our house xo

Leonie said...

Lovely lovely things - especially love the play-area. Have a fab weekend x

Bron said...

We were lucky and the temp for our stay in NZ have been beautiful...mind you we didn't get out all that early each day. Love your rainbow warmers...clever Leonie. xxx

Sophie said...

Clever clever Leonie! what gorgeous gloves!!!


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