05 July 2013

Things I'm Loving 5.7.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

La Patisserie Pains Au Chocolat
These are the shizz (as hubby would say). A lady was doing a demo at Countdown the other week so me and the boys got to try a little bit and after she handed us the $1 off voucher we made a beeline for the frozen dessert section to pick some up. At 8 for $8 they were a lovely treat, and went down singing hymns last weekend with a coffee on a rainy Saturday morning.

Creating a happy place
Noah's class has moved back to their old classroom (now that the earthquake strengthening work has finished) which is in the bowels of the school, i.e. the bottom room floor of a 3-storey building. Their temporary accommodation for the past year has been so much nicer, despite it only being a whole bunch of prefabs tacked together - where they were the location was so much lighter and airier. But I love that the teachers have already made an effort to create a warm and welcoming space for the children anyhow.

Super-small moon
Last weekend we had a super moon - but I forgot all about it until it was well high in the sky on the Sunday night. It did however, make for a much less pitch-black than usual early morning exercise session the next morning.

Silly daddy
Loving daddies who dress up for no reason other than to make their kids laugh. What better reason could there be?!

Voila Video!
Loving that Instagram has now upgraded its service so you can upload 15 seconds of video to your feed. Loving taking unsuspecting videos of my boys who just thought I was snapping a picture - they do like to ham it up for the camera though - it's a wonder I can ever get a normal looking shot!

Saving it for later
I often wonder when kids grow out of the whole wearing their food all over their face stage. After posting this to Instagram and based on the responses I got from mums with much older kids it would appear that it's not going to happen anytime soon! You can almost draw a whole circle from the left over hot chocolate on this one!

Getting one up over the weather
Last weekend it was the first fine Sunday in about 5 weeks - I know this because Mylo's football had been cancelled every one of the previous weeks due to the weather.

So we took advantage of the brilliant winter sunshine to have a round of mini golf at Pirates Cove - the boys love it and are actually pretty good (if you ignore Mylo's ability to hit the ball 10 times and not let it stop in between shots on it's way to the hole). And chalk it up - I even beat Mark by one point which doesn't happen often.

The lovely winter's day was concluded with a particularly pretty-in-pink sunset as we drove back to town afterwards.

Helping hand
And last but not least, this week I'm feeling incredibly grateful for the luxury of having a cleaner, and even more so at the moment with Mark being a one-arm bandit for the next few weeks. She comes in every Wednesday for 2 hours and the place stinks to high heaven of Dettol looks and smells so clean when we get home. I am so so grateful I don't have to contemplate that 2 hours of cleaning on the weekend when we seem to spend the weekend going from football to swimming to birthday parties to grocery shopping to church to more football etc. Money very well spent on our sanity in my opinion!

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jacksta said...

ive seen those pastry things at the supermarket....and Im avoiding...I know Ill keep gettting them. Tasty!

Bron said...

Cool funny dads...make for cool funny kids...lots of fun things this week to love. Have a great weekend. xxx

Leonie said...

Yay for sunshine, happy and fun! have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

Are you not gluten free any more and indulging in those pastries or is it ok to indulge sometimes? Either way, I love pain au chocolat! My gluten free boys would love to try them but the gluten free versions still have butter in them, which is no good for them either!

I have a friend who has a cleaner but she feels she needs to tidy up a bit before the cleaner comes as she would be too embarrassed to let her cleaner see the normal state of the house!


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