31 July 2010

Creative Cravings

I like to think of it as my annual itch. Every year at about the same time I get creative cravings.

My first creation coincided with buying our first home. Simple sunset colours. Such a vibrant splash of colour against a tall wall in our 100-year old villa with its 12-foot ceilings. But it looks equally at home in our new house against the vivid blue hallway walls with Gerald the Giraffe for company.

My next creation was to fill the wall of the lounge in our new house. Back when we had canary yellow walls. The good old days. These days the canvas creation is part of our spare room decor, making way for a new lounge canvas after we painted.

The current canvas in the lounge is the best canvas I have created. Once the walls were painted 1/2 Spanish White (how we ever put up with the canary yellow for so long I'll never know), they beckoned for a new creation. Something bold, something unique to fill the vast long space. For months, the bare walls cried out for new art. But first there was my Chartered Accounting exam to get through. And then, finally, I had the time to devote to this passion. And the creation, still by far, my pride and joy. An original design.

Last year I was struck down by a really bad flu and bronchitis at 6 months pregnant. After two days in bed watching DVDs, I could stand it no more. That creative itch was calling me once again. And I answered. 6 canvases created in about 3 weeks. Not entirely original designs, but fun to do nonetheless.

A trio for the soon-to-be Mylo's room.

A red lolly tree to go with the red, brown, gold and black decor in the lounge.

Words and memories from our Santorini honeymoon (original idea care of the Air NZ in-flight magazine). Now pride of place in our bedroom over our bed.

This year, I had not felt the call. Which was unusual. Until I read about the wonderful photo board that Faery Sarah had created. And then it was upon me. I must do this I thought. Six weeks later, which if I'm honest is a LOT longer than I expected, and I'm finished. Phew.

Quite a few hours of work went into this year's creations. Mostly because of all the photo selection and editing required. Hours of trawling back through the years of photos. Then whittling them down to a final group to use. Much time was spent getting to grips with how to use Photoshop. Giving each photos a cross-processed/LOMO effect. Adding captions and applying the same border style to each one. Printing the photos. Finding canvases ultra cheap at Warehouse Stationery. Painting them in Coffee Bean to match the rest of the decor in our lounge and dining room. Carefully measuring and gluing on 43 wooden pegs. Not an easy task, and they're not that straight. Oh well, it's all part of the attraction. Arranging the photos. Measuring up the walls and making holes - a few more than I care to admit to Mark - shhhh! And I'm finished.


For this year anyway!


Poppa said...

where oh where and how and how on earth did you find the time to do it! Meggie I am inspired and awe-struck by your efforts!

Sarah said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!! Meghan, these are so beautiful! Well done x You are amazing. I love the choice of coffee brown as the back drop and that you can change your photos in time.

We don't have Photoshop - is there any other way of doing the white border like that? It looks stunning!

Sarah x

Sarah said...

Just read the tutorial over at Bobby Robbin and an alternative for doing the photos without Photoshop - cheers, Meghan ;)

Sarah Gauntlett said...

wow! it looks so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my hub and I LOVE the long horizontal one! oooooooooh!

I'm so excited that you did this ... now just wait for all the compliments when people come to your house and see it!


Tracey Easte said...

wow! you never cease to amaze me, you truly an inspiration xox look forward to seeing them close up to appreciate the detail and the stories behind the pictures

EYE can make that! said...

I love your art work... I really like the one with the pegs and photos... might copy that one day :)
I found your blog through Simoney's linkup and was having a little look around :) Hi.


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