11 March 2011

Things I'm loving 11.3.11

It's a book ♥

I saw the BEST book this week. It got passed around at work. Well it really tickled my bloggy, tecchie fancy anyway. Especially the line 'Can you blog with it?' Here's the video version of this wonderful childrens book recently released in the US. There's a deep message in this story. And I'm hoping for all the wonderful technology wizardry we now have in the world, we never tire of the simple pleasure of reading a book.

♥ When Work is more than Work ♥
I get such a kick out of working for a great company, Learning Media, making a real difference in people's lives. So imagine how fantastic it is to come home and experience it first hand from the other side of the fence. Noah often brings home Learning Media books for his weekly reader from day care. It never fails to bring a smile to my face to see one of our books in our home.

I may not know much about the science of education in how children learn with my Japanese-Chinese speaking turned Accountant background, but I do love being part of a company that makes a difference. And even more so lately to know we are doing our bit to help donate books to Christchurch too!

♥ Mini Girl Guide Biscuits ♥
What is not to love about these little beauties?! Perhaps the fact that it is all too easy to scoff a whole box in one night. ahem.

♥ Birthday Card Scrapbooks ♥
It's only taken me 4.5 years to get around to doing this but I've just about finished putting all the cards the boys have been given from birth, dedications and birthdays into some scrapbooks for them to keep.

They've received so many wonderful messages, and there are memories of people who have been (and maybe now gone again) in our lives. My mum did the same for us when we were kids. I can remember poring over my card scrapbooks many a time reading all the wonderful things people had to say including messages from my own friends as I got older. For the cost of a $2 scrapbook and a glue stick, I figure it's a small investment in keeping hold of some wonderful memories for years to come.

♥ My Mini Fred Dagg ♥
Don't ya think?

 ♥ It's All About Me  ♥
Today Gail did a post entitled Five Things I love about Me putting out a linky challenge to anyone game enough to do the same. Eek, I'm a little scared about this....but here goes....

1. I persevere.
Otherwise known as persistence or stickability. Could be described as a dog with a bone? Maybe, sometimes. I find I just won't give up on things long after other people would have given something up as too hard or not worth doing. Lately this has meant I've refused to give up on fixing technical things (like the wireless router or getting some very tricky software to work properly on the new computer). And each time, I have prevailed. Have I torn my hair out along the way? Uh-uh. Have I given up? Yup. Only to find myself going back to it, because I am so convinced that if I just stick with it, I'll figure it out eventually. Which I have.

I'm sure that this really helped me get through six long years of university and professional accounting study whilst trying to work full-time and be a wife and mum too in the latter stages.

2. I am an encourager.
I've only recently been fully enlightened about this. I think I always have been good at encouraging, but I'm now beginning to see it as one of my God-given gifts. Way back in January I was feeling a bit down about not having direction and goals and 'a word' for 2011like so many others had shared on their blogs. I was feeling a bit aimless, like this was gonna be just another year.  Then a few weeks ago, one night as I was going to bed, I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I heard the word spoken so clearly. It was crystal Clear. Encourage. That is all. But it was enough. And now I know without a shadow of a doubt, this is my word. And there have already been so many opportunities to put this word into practice. I am continuing to pray He helps me to be open to all the other opportunities that will come. Encourage. I like it.

3. I have a nice pair of pegs.
It's all in the genes and not down to me. I know I am very blessed.

4. I am reliable.
If I say I'm gonna do something I do it. If I say I'm gonna be somewhere, I'm there. Sometimes this means I may not jump on board enthusiastically with a new idea until I know that it's going to work out and that I've thought it all through and that I can really commit to it. That's just me, not wanting to let anyone one down, and wanting to always be a person of my word.

OK I think I'm starting to sound a bit boring now...ha ha!

5. I like really getting to know people. And making firm friends.
I love getting past the 'How's the weather?' and 'How was your day?' to that deeper level where I can really build relationships with people. To really engage with whats going on in their lives and really listen and encourage (there it is again!) them where they're at. I think I'm good at maintaining friendships and I really make an effort to keep in touch with people (both past and present).

Phew...that was really tough. I sat here for AGES with my fingers poised staring blankly at the screen. But also a really good exercise to force oneself to do! Go on, I challenge you to come up with your own 'Five things I love about me' 

I cheated a little - linking up to two linky's at once - Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving linky and Gail's Five Things To Love linky!


Sarah said...

Brilliant! Could write so much about this post - but Alice trying to clamber on key board and I should go teach her animals/colours or play peek-a-boo :)

LOVE that video - ha! Got to share that now! Brilliant!

Awesome that you've got such a great job for such a marvellous company too. I always think of you when the girls bring back their 'Learning Media' books from school :)

Have a fabulous weekend with your fabulous family,


Penny said...

encourage, what a fab word, will offer so much to yourself and those around you.

Simoney said...

Great list Meghan! Loving your five things to ♥ about you.
Just the kind of freind I like... except i have serious peg envy!

Gail said...

I have peg envy too!!

It is actually quite tricky isn't to affirm yourself! We need to do it more often. God not only wants us to see the good in others, but in ourselves too!!

Love that you're a perseverer too! We have a lot in common (minus peg legs here). Would love to have a meet up one day!!

jacksta said...

Great Idea about the scrap book cards. Wish I had thought of that, ours have slowly scattered in all directions of the house.
I'm feeling the "encouraging" gift these days...more from blogging.. I find when leaving comments on blogs I have been practicing it a lot more. And there is something great about being reliable!
Go you :)

Mika said...

Hey Meghan,

Love that video that you uploaded.
Would it be ok if I included with my 5 great finds next week? I am doing a post about finding cheap books. (I will link back to you too)

When you sent me that tip about the scrapbook cards, I just fell in love! Thanks for sharing it. Now I know what to do with all the cards I love, but felt I had to throw them away because I had no where to keep them safe. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan
new to your space
saw you and I were the only ones at Gails Love feast and I had seen your comment there and you were not sure you could come up with 5 things and YOU DID!!!

Love the list
good stuff

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

I have saved all the kids cards and never through to scrapbook them! Such a great idea. Love the book clip too - and your Fred Dag!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

What a lovely post, so much going on in your beautiful world, lucky girl. Love Posie

Sammy said...

Love your "love you" list. You sound just amazing and I am loving getting to know you!

Kyromaniac said...

Love the video, and yup, I'd agree there's certainly an important message behind it. Oh and the scrapbooks for the birthday cards is such a good idea! I remember my Mum did that for and it so lovely looking back over them.

Mel Dehar said...

Wow I never thought to scrapbook the girls cards. They all just live in a box some where.

TracyP said...

LOVE that video!! Have shared on my blog too!!!


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