20 April 2011

My Left Foot

I had so much fun putting this wee video clip together.

Back in November 2009, when Mylo was just a wee skerrick at 2 months old, our national football team (the All Whites) beat tremendous odds to qualify for the World Cup. I distinctly remember from the TV coverage the Black Eyed Peas song 'Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night' being played as an unofficial team anthem from that night since the team had it blaring in the changing room afterward as they celebrated the amazing unthinkable feat that had just happened.

Every time I've heard it played since on the radio, it reminds me of little old NZ taking on the world. And it makes me quietly pause and smile.

Much like this little person really. Who, without too much encouragement, has somehow got this football thing pretty well figured out.

I love how there was no way he was going to let go of his special friends, Giraffe and Bunny the entire time he was playing, although he did condescend to put them both in one hand mid-way through.

Suffice to say I could watch him kick a ball all day long and never grow weary of it. And I really hope I can still say that after standing out in the freezing cold on wintry Saturday mornings cheering him on from the sidelines in five, ten or twenty years' time!

The world is your oyster, little buddy. Keep on kicking.


jacksta said...

wow! Thats clever alright...definitely a future All white...I should know I captained our girl soccer team in High school...haha ;) I think I might have two left feet now though!

Little Sabine said...

OMG the All Whites would sign a clever little left footer now if they knew, send them the link hehehe. Great video :D

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

A bright future ahead for that one!! So very cute xx

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

A bright future ahead for that one!! So very cute xx


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