11 April 2011

Open for {the Queen's} business

This weekend Government House in Wellington was open to the public for the first time in a long time. To be fair I don't know exactly how long, although my friend Bex would be able to tell you in a jiffy since she works for the Governor General as his Media Advisor!

I do know the House closed as a residence back in October 2008 for a two and a half year renovation, with its first Open Day this weekend allowing hordes of interested (nosy) people to take a peek. There were about 8,500 officially through on the weekend, but if you count all those who couldn't (be bothered to) wait the 1-2 hours to go inside the house itself, there were probably more like 15,000 visitors. Of which we were just four!

We only had a quick hour to spare between the weekly shopping and a 5th birthday party after lunch, so quickly decided we'd better flag the long queue. Instead, the gardens and a quick peek through the ground floor windows would have to do.

It is hard to imagine this place is just a few hundred metres from one of the busiest intersections in Wellington. But when we stepped through the gates, we could have been transported halfway round the world to the splendour of an English country manor.

The house stands wide and proud against a cloudy sky. Our flag flying proud and prominent.

The gardens beautifully manicured.
Filled with flowers clinging to the last pockets of warm weather

Grand, but not too grandiose. Fit for a Governor General about his business.
Entertaining Princes and the like.

My peasant feet in their well-worn shoes contrasting against perfectly laid stone and lushly manicured grass
Which was almost good enough to go lie in and make a grass angel or two *wink*

And amongst the royally English feel of the place
The toi toi reminded us that our feet were still firmly planted here in Aotearoa.

 By far my favourite shot of the day.

In fact I think one of the better shots I've taken lately.
 I just love the peeling bark, and the spindly bendy trees with the light filtering through.


Sammy said...

Yes that last photo is GORGEOUS! Well done you!

jacksta said...

wow govt house is beautiful! great shots of the gardens


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