06 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn Pals

Mmm...smells so goooood

AND tastes so goooood

Bowls of crisp, warm salty goodness

Shared by me and my pal

And yes..we do have a bit of a bad habit leaving our shoes on in the house from time to time...tut tut!


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Yum xx

alicia said...

Aw. Sweet. And my fav movie treat as well. Thanks so much for stopping by. Always nice to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful WW!

Faythe said...

they share so wonderfully. popcorn is DHs fav snack too. Faythe @GMT

Little Hatchlings said...

well now I'm craving for some popcorn too! such sweet boys.

Catching the Magic said...

Gorgeous photos! Alice likes popcorn too - but it doesn't stay in the bowl (I always have serious vacuuming to do afterwards!) x


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