02 October 2011

Killing Time

I can't think of many ways I'd rather spend half an hour in-between activities than with a friend.

On a sunny Saturday morning in Spring

While the city stirs in the distance

Two make happy memories

Light little feet fair flying 

Surrounded by a long history

Where many feet have tread before

And if only the wood could talk it would tell of those days

A pier but not just a pier

A wonderland to see and explore

Adventures framed by rust and blue and bokeh

Surrounded by seagulls soaring on invisible currents

Currents which tousle through hair


What lies beneath a fascination for them

Whilst the cerulean corrugation and skies capture mine

A mere snippet of time in these unfurling lives

magical moments forever captured by a mama

today happy to be the observer on the sidelines
cheering on the fun.

Shots taken at Petone Pier between 9-9.30am on Saturday 1st October


Catching the Magic said...

Book! Book! Book! Stunning Meghan! How beautifully you have captured such a magical morning and what a stunning day it was indeed! Your photographs are mesmerizing and powerful combined with your words. I love the way you have captured the children's feelings and emotions, as well as the setting. Beautiful x

Clare Hubbard said...

Breathtaking... I love how your pictures paint a thousand words... Your thoughts are written with such depth! Awesome.

dearfutureme... said...

Amazing shots once again! Looks like a super fun day!

PaisleyJade said...

Beautifully written and stunning pics (you rock girl).


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