08 May 2012

MNM's Make: Beach in a Bottle

Dreaming of lazy summer days on the beach? Why not create a little bit at home so you can savour those memories forever?

1 plastic/glass jar
Shells/plastic animals
Baby oil

Pour some sand in the bottom of the bottle.

Add in some shells or plastic animals.

Make up some water with blue/green food colouring to get the desired colour of the sea, and add a little glitter in too if you want.

Pour the water into the bottle, leaving at least 1/3 of the jar empty at the top.

Add in some baby oil until the jar is nearly full, but you need to leave enough space at the top so you can tip the bottle on its side to enjoy watching the waves of the sea lapping at the shore.

Shake the bottle up a little and enjoy watching everything settle back down over and over again.

A little bit of the seaside bottled for your everlasting enjoyment.

Idea sourced from A Little Delightful via Pinterest.


Penny said...

love it! very acheivable :)

Claudia said...

How did you make the sand blue, or did you buy blue sand?


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