22 May 2012

MNM's Make: Marble and Bubble Painting

Take one poorly mama recovering from one hell of a week. Looking for some easy, creative fun for her and her boys one afternoon.

Enter two easy but fun painting crafts that can be done in no time at all.

Bubble Painting

In separate dishes, put some water, dishwashing liquid and food colouring.

With straws, blow bubbles high enough to come over the top of the bowl.

Lay a piece of paper or card onto the bubbles. Repeat as many times as you want to get the desired effect.

And if your kids are eggs like mine and accidentally sucked up the mixture a couple of times, you may want to put a pin hole at the top of the straw to stop that from happening.

Marble Painting

Dob a few different colours of paint onto some paper or card inside a large enough container for a marble or ten if you get eager like we did to roll around in.

We started with one marble, then two, then a few and in the end had about 10 rolling around happily creating merry pattern heaven.

Even I took a turn with some pastel colours on black card

And there wasn't too much mess to clean up either...all important when you've got zero energy and one hand all you can think about is how you'd rather be in bed but on the other hand you know you'd have just missed all that fun you've just had :-)

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Catching the Magic said...

Beautiful results :-) glad to hear you're getting better now x


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