20 May 2014


A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Noah: I loved watching you sing your tentative little heart out at the school centenary celebrations in your school choir. You weren't particularly in time with the actions, but you were up there giving it a go and that's what matters. You have loved listening to the songs the older kids were singing in their choir, and have been playing them at home particularly All God's Creatures and Vois Sur Ton Chemin.

I also loved seeing you dress up for heritage day as part of the centenary. We borrowed you a hat and bought a $3 pair of braces, and transformed you into a kid in the 1900's - and when I took a picture you made a point of telling me that you wouldn't smile as 'kids all looked so serious back then'.

Mylo: OK so this was actually Noah's early birthday present but you enjoyed taking your turn donning his new headgear and becoming Jack Sparrow, the current flavour of the month hero at our place. You said the most adorable thing when I tucked you into bed the night before our City Safari race. 'Mum it's OK for boys to cry when it's something special isn't it?' I said 'of course it is', although I wasn't sure what he meant. He then said 'Cos I'm so excited about the race tomorrow I could almost cry Mum'. Bless!

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