02 May 2014

Things I'm Loving: Chaos, Keenans, Catch ups and Chocolate Afghans

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Funny and true statements about life
I think you will like these. Every single one hits the nail on the head.

Head on over to Viral Nova to see the rest which will have you nodding in agreement here.

A new take on Afghans
I made Hungry Cub's version of Chocolate Afghans the other day. Big tickaroony! Especially as they are gluten, dairy, egg and sugar freeeeeee! Her Ginger Crunch recipe is also pretty special too.

Kids say the best things
I know Easter has been and gone but I wanted to share the very cool video our pastor shared during our Easter Sunday service. Cute and precious. Love the simple faith of a child.

Great Nana goes
On our trip to New Plymouth last weekend, we had our last opportunity for a while to see Great Nana (my Dad's mum). At 97, and after 17 years in Molly Ryan retirement village she is moving to Auckland to a new retirement home to be nearer to my aunty. We have always come for a visit when we're staying with Gee Gee (Mum's mum), so it will be strange coming to Taranaki and knowing she's not just up the road any more. But the move is right for her right now, so we wish her well.

The boys are looking a bit rosy cheeked after the walk to Lake Mangamahoe (whoops I guess we should have thought about hats and sunscreen even this late in April), and excuse the somewhat blurry shot!

Keeping the stories alive
The room that the boys sleep in at Gee Gee's has this portrait on the wall. Noah had asked me who they were and I made a point of asking Gee Gee to tell us more about them. I loved watching her come alive talking about her grandparents.

William Keenan emigrated from County Cork, Ireland in his teens, and it's cool to think that Mum and I have both been there when we took a trip to Ireland from London in 2001. Ellen Henderson's family came from the South Island. I'm not entirely sure how they met but they did live near Taihape for a time where my great-grandmother who we called Granny Marsh went to school in a little place called Rata. Eventually they moved to Egmont Village and raised 9 children - Gladys or Granny Marsh was the oldest of them - although three didn't survive into adulthood. One died as a baby, one fell into a rubbish fire and died of her burns at about age 5, and one of the boys drowned while swimming at the Meeting of the Water scenic reserve just out of New Plymouth at about age 18. What a hard life they must have had. I love that just by asking the questions we can choose to keep family history alive.

Chaos Cafe
While in New Plymouth, we also discovered a cool new café, called Chaos. The coffees were good and strong, the kid's milkshakes were really authentic, the savoury muffins were packed full of capsicum, herbs and sundried tomatoes, my passionfruit macaron was sensational, and I took away a gluten-free salmon kedgeree for lunch - perfecto!

We will definitely be coming back here for another visit next time we are in the Naki.
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