01 May 2014

Rosemary McLeod's Craft Series: Adornments {a Giveaway}

If this series of e-books is not the most encouraging call to craft I've ever read, then I don't know what is.

For years I have been considering how I might get back to my original craft roots. Back to those days of sewing class at Intermediate where I made a mid-calf length pink skirt with big pockets and an elasticated band to show off on the runway at our end-of-year show. Or further back to the days of sewing patchwork octagonal shapes onto cushion covers and getting an electric shock every time the teacher and I swapped needles. Back to the days of my patient mother sitting down and teaching her teenage daughter perl 1, knit 1 and a very garish and fluffy purple jumper taking shape between the clickety-clack of the steel knitting needles.

I've always known there's a closet crafter lurking inside. But for years now I've been struggling to let her out again. Out into the big wide world. And you want to know why? I've actually just been too scared to start, too scared of not doing a good job, of making something less than perfect.

But through Rosemary's encouragement 'to enjoy the slight wonkiness of the hand-made...who would want turn out standardised objects for a world of standardised experiences' I realise that I am the only one holding myself back and there's absolutely no need to do so.

So over the next five weeks, I'll be bringing you a review of each of the five titles in Rosemary's series, and with each week comes a chance to win your own copy of one of the e-books as well!

The inspiration for the series is drawn from Rosemary McLeod's original book With Bold Needle and Thread and covers 49 vintage craft projects from a range of materials and mediums such as needlework, knitting, crochet, felt, hessian.

One of the very first projects that caught my eye in the Adornments book was this simple knitted matching scarf and belt. For a girl who quite enjoyed a bit of knitting back in the day, this would be just the ticket to start don't you think? Something simple and straightforward, yet stylish. Something to build confidence and from there, the sky's the limit.

Whether you are a long-time crafter extraodinaire or a wannabe like me, there's some fantastic projects in these books to get your creative juices flowing.

The e-books are amazingly good value to buy and are available for sale on Amazon for iBook, Kindle or Kobo here:

Aprons, Bags, Cushions & Decor, Tea Cosies and Adornments.

And lucky for you, I have a Rosemary McLeod's Craft Series e-book to give away too

You can choose any one of the five titles above. Please leave me a comment with the title you would most like to win and your preferred format (iBook, Kindle or Kobo). 

The giveaway closes next Thursday and will be announced in next week's review post on Aprons, where you'll find out more about what makes these such a great read even for a current non-crafter like me, plus there will be another chance to win your own e-book all over again.

*Disclaimer: I have been given the Craft Series e-books in exchange for my review. I am not being compensated in any other way and all opinions and content expressed within are completely my own*

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