22 May 2014

Rosemary McLeod's Craft Series: Q&A with Rosemary

This week I'm bringing you a Q&A session with the author of this wonderful craft series: Rosemary McLeod. And because I'm someone who doesn't immediately sit down and craft in my spare time, I was most interested to know how Rosemary even fits in time for her crafting amongst her busy working life as a successful journalist and writer, and how she builds up her collection of wonderful fabrics amongst other things. And so now to the questions:

With the wealth of beautiful fabrics and accessories that are available today, how do you decide what pieces will go in your stash?

I want vintage pieces for my stash, so I am always looking for these, in the colours and designs of 1920-60 in particular. I specially like the slightly muddied pastels and brights of the 30s, and I have a special stash of old patterned rayon crepes. I love their weight, and the way they drape. But I have many stashes … in general I seek out good, fresh designs true to their period.

What was your most enjoyable craft project to create in the e-book series and what made it so enjoyable?

Hard to choose what I found the most enjoyable piece to make, but I’ll choose the patchwork bag from Needlewoman and Needlecraft No 20 because it justified the hoarding of my old crepe scraps of fabric (as opposed to fabric lengths!) and I like the way they work together. Of course I also like the optional one made with more recent cotton fabrics.

Your e-books combine a number of different mediums and materials such as sewing, patchwork, felt work, crochet and knitting. If you were a novice crafter starting out or like me not having crafted for years and having to remember long forgotten skills, which project(s) would you recommend from your e-books and why?

If I’d never made anything in this line before I would choose a felt project because felt is so forgiving to the new stitcher. The “Schoolgirl Shoulder Bag” is really straightforward, and gives a good result quickly. 

Otherwise the Floral Tea Cosy from Woman and Home December 1950 is easy; all you have to know is chain stitch, and an optional little straight stitch for the flowers’ centres. The tassel is dead easy too.

What effect do you think social media (blogs/Pinterest etc) has had on the numbers of people interested in crafts in recent years?

I think it’s great that blogs are encouraging traditional textile crafts like these, making them friendly and accessible at every level. They’re recreating the community of makers we had when the world was less hurried and crowded, and women learned directly from each other.

Do you have any advice for those who would love to find time to fit in crafts but just aren’t sure how they could fit it into their already busy lives?

Projects like these are an antidote to the stress and competitiveness of the workplace. We decide whether we’ve succeeded, and we make our own deadlines, there is no hurry. I made the embroidered tea cosy (above) gradually, while watching TV, others while listening to music. It’s good to develop skills like these for their own sake, and these are pleasantly contemplative. You get into a quiet space.

Thanks Rosemary for sharing these insights with us, and there are more wonderful insights ad advice to be found in each of the e-books below, along with 47 different projects to make!

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