29 May 2014

Rosemary McLeod's Craft Series: Cushions and Decor

In the final post on this series of e-book reviews, how about we all pull up a comfortable and cozy pew on our favourite seat so we can have a chat about Cushions and D├ęcor.

Now who doesn't love a good cushion? Cushions can change the very atmosphere of a room. They can say 'come cozy up with me and a cuppa tea' or they can say 'wow here I am, I'm bright bold and beautiful and I've just made this room waaaaaay more interesting'.

Cushions can transform a very average and uncomfortable seat into a zone of comfort. They can be a place to lay your weary head on the couch for a mid afternoon zzzzzz or to curl up with a good book. I bet you have a favourite cushion at your place that your gravitate to. Or would gravitate to if you made one of the lovely cushions within the covers of this e-book!

I cannot end the review of this series without mentioning the detail with which Rosemary's books assist in detailing the methods and materials she uses. Nothing is left to chance, or left unexplained to put you off with the excuse that it hasn't been covered. Like these illustrations of all the different stitches you may need to know to create your masterpiece.

And last but not least I'll leave you with what is perhaps my favourite quote from the e-books, one guaranteed to make any creative's heart sing:

Don'be be uptight about colour; we do this for enjoyment, after all, not to pass exams or stand up to the rigorous eye of a stylist for an interior design magazine. There is no right or wrong here, and there is competition to emulate some idea of perfection. There is only what we're happy with.

So get into your happy colourful place and start creating!

The e-books are amazingly good value to buy for as little as $6.78 per title and are available for sale on Amazon for iBook, Kindle or Kobo here:

ApronsBagsCushions & DecorTea Cosies and Adornments.

And congratulations to the final winner of the e-book giveaways: Kirsteen Murray from Life in My Houseful of Boys.

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