09 May 2014

Things I'm Loving: Masterchefs, Friends who get you, and being pleasantly surprised

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Humble winners
Like the rest of NZ, I fell in love with Karina and Casey who fought bravely and won the first ever Masterchef team competition last weekend. I was wowed by their positivity, their humility, and their talent. I never saw them get uptight, swear or be anything other than a joy to have around in the kitchen. Their gratitude for the experience was obvious, and to have won such a big competition at age 23 and 25 is simply awesome for their futures. They can show us all a thing or two about courage under pressure - I was amazed how cool, calm and collected they were in spite of some INTENSE challenges!

Source: NZ Herald

When you can simplify life
I love it when things fall into place that will GREATLY simplify our busy routines. For the past six months, we'd endured some fairly crazy Saturday mornings which would consist of Mylo playing football at 10.30 in Owhiro Bay which finished at 11am. Then one of us would hightail it all the way over the other side of town to Khandallah for his swimming lessons at 11.45. In the meantime, the other parent would then go in another direction with Noah to squeeze in the weekly shop between 11.15 and 12pm, to then get Noah to his swimming lesson by 12.15 in Newtown. It meant we'd all arrive home a bit shell-shocked about 1pm.

This term.....I'd managed to get both boys booked into a different swim school through Wellington City Council and their lessons are on AT THE SAME TIME, AT THE SAME PLACE on a Wednesday at 4.30pm. Result! That was until they both had to move up a class after the first week...gah! Now we have Monday 3.15pm (which will be a race to make from school finishing at 3pm) and Monday 4.30pm - not so great, but hey still at the same place on the same day if not on the same time. So if you're looking for me on a Monday, I'll be at the pool...ALL AFTERNOON!

One good sunrise
The mornings are getting pretty dark these days. There's not much colour on the horizon by the time I leave for work. That's why I was pretty quick to grab the camera last week when I saw this scene out the window.

I love the full range of colour that this sunrise exploded with from blues to pinks, oranges, yellow and almost purple!

Don't judge a book by its cover
Love that talented people still have the ability to pleasantly surprise Simon Cowell after how many?! seasons and thousands of acts he's had to sit through probably going nuts with boredom for the most part. These guys have only been together a month and have a very good chance to go a long way in the current season of Britain's Got Talent.

Friends who just know
I love friends who just KNOW what you'll love. Enter this birthday gift from my lovely Nikki (she of shared Geek Chic onesie sharing fame) from Life's Wonderful Happenings which arrived in the mail last Friday night. I spent the night with a glass of wine poring over the beautiful pages and bookmarking many a page for the future.

I also enjoyed one of the funniest Skype conversations I think I've ever had with her on Saturday night, the contents of which shall not be shared here!

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