12 April 2012

A couple more ticks for the Bucket List

These past couple of summers I've put together a Bucket List. You know...things to do, see, make and experience during the summer months, the lists are posted here and here. We don't always succeed in ticking off every wish on the Bucket List but I guess that's half the fun and why it is called a Bucket List! 

But I just realised that this Easter weekend we managed to tick two things off - one from this year's list and one from last year's too - it's not often that happens in one weekend!

First up was mini golf (Number 1 on this year's list - Play Minigolf). We had a ball at Pirates Cove in the sunshine on Easter Monday. Boy those pirates were pretty ferocious looking too. It was fun playing the game weaving in and out of tunnels, waterfalls, pirate ships and forts, and admiring the fake shark swimming in circles in the lagoon.

The boys did really well although we weren't being too hard on sticking to the rules with them, but the adults (as always) were a bit more competitive, and you can see by the evidence that I won by ONE point!

Mark also reminded me on the way home that I have a pretty good record of beating him at mini golf (which we've played in a few fun places all over the world), and I'll admit I'd totally forgotten that. 

The other thing we did this weekend was climb to the top of Mt Kaukau (number 5 on last year's list - Go someplace in Wellington we've never been). We've lived in Wellington for coming up ten years and have never been, so this definitely qualified. It is quite the uphill climb, especially for poor Mark lugging 14 kgs of Mylo on his back the whole way! 

We started off in dense bush, with filtered sunlight breaking through high above us.

At one point, I yelled 'hold up' and made everyone stop and look at this log - can anyone else see the crocodile?!

As you start climbing, there are LOADS of staircases like this as you head up towards the top of the ridge. One foot in front of another and don't look up at how many stairs are still ahead seems to be the best approach for this bit!

And upon reaching the ridge line, the last ten minutes are actually a bit more undulating and pleasant underfoot.

The summit is 445m above sea level, and Wellington's main TV tower on top is another 100m taller again. It is definitely one of the most visible landmarks from anywhere in Wellington.

And the views from the top ain't half bad either. Check out my GIANT shadow in that late afternoon sun!

You can see the port and Westpac Stadium in the middle of the picture below with the CBD nestled around the right hand side of the harbour.

And out to the west looking past the Makara wind farm, the stunning day meant the South Island was clearly visible.

This weekend's weather has been still and sunny, and quite possibly the best run of settled weather we've had since Christmas, which made it the perfect day for being in this spot. I definitely wouldn't want to be here on a typically windy Wellington day, especially considering that Mt Kaukau usually gets the top wind gusts in the region, often up to 160 km/hr...eek!

Despite it taking us 10 years to get up here, the view alone was worth the wait!


remaliah said...

Wow, those views are just incredible! I love the last one particularly...magical! I also love discovering new places in the area. We're creating a bit of a bucket list for our last months in Switzerland & Europe. Mini golf...hilarious! I either do randomly well or completely suck...it just makes me laugh. Lots of fun too!! Sounds like you had a great weekend :) Hope the settled weather continues!

Miriam said...

Great photos - I love the crocodile and 2 of yours smiling at you from behind the sign. Looks like 2 awesome family adventures

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I want to move back to Wellington! Gorgeous views. And you'd whup me well and truly at mini golf, I suck! Hehe


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