09 April 2012

Into the Forest of Light

These golden hours

When the sun no longer beats down heavy upon us

Instead dancing and teasing

In pockets of light

Displaying never before seen symmetry

Tiny dots on a fern

Alternating one each side

Then two, then more

Nature's very own domino 

Mesmerizing, these vantage points

Watching the world travel by

In liquid under your feet

These little feet make the journey into the forest

all on their own

A milestone

A memory itself in the making 

And in a clearing I see you

Seeing me

And I am delighted by that twinkle in your eye 

A mirror of the twinkle I see in his 

And all the more in the twinkle that surrounds him

In this magical place anything seems possible

So we are not surprised when it falls upon us 

That otherworldly light

We are bathed in it

Warmed by it

And succumb willingly to its power

A power that touches deep into everything it reaches

Even the very stones shimmer under our feet

We feel Light's power drawing closer in 

growing, growing

Until we are held captive

Caught in a web of our own choosing

Abandoning ourselves forever to the forest of light.

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge   


Claudia said...

Awesome photography and thoughts.

Elizabeth said...

AMAZING photos as always... wow!

helena said...

fabulous walk inteh forest - love the 1st one with the flax

Satakieli said...

The light in these is absolutely breathtaking, the photos are gorgeous!

Thanks so much for taking part in the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge!

alicia said...

Oh yah! These are the ones you were talking about! lol. Sorry I'm such a dingaling. So, so glad you are sharing these for our Leap into Spring Challenge! What a wonderful outing you had, filled with extra special moments. So many beautiful captures here... Love the ferns and the one of the bark. And that spider web really is exquisite! I hope you'll follow along and share more of your photos during our 6 week challenge! :)

Creating Through LIFE said...

Love the spider web through the fence!

Miranda said...

Love the close-up of the fern as well as the spiderweb in the fence. Very cool.

Simoney said...

Beautiful photos and poetic words to match... that one of the sun through the trees is breathtaking - it looks like it's moving... and I'm guessing this was bubba's first time WALKING in the forest instead of being pushed/carried? SPECIAL!


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