16 April 2012

Review: LEGO City Great Vehicles :: Car & Caravan ::

I can't think of a better way to spend a quiet Saturday morning with my boys than surrounded by tons of LEGO creating a Great Vehicle with my (little) big heroes?

This honestly kept us entertained for 2 hours solid, which was fine by me, as I'd been feeling under the weather for a couple of days and I still had the thought of a duathlon looming over me for the following day.

As we have a collection of Star Wars LEGO in the house that fuels the boys in the house need for battles and war games, I was secretly rather chuffed that we received this LEGO City car and caravan set to review. It was something that I really looked forward to building and in fact Daddy didn't even get a look in with any building so intent were the boys and I in helping each other create our little scene.

LEGO City car

Despite the fact the age on the set is for 5-12 years old, even Mr 2.5 helped putting wheels and lights on the vehicles. Noah on the other hand pretty much singlehandedly put the rest of the set together with just a bit of  guidance from me assisting with the instructions and placement of some parts. At his age, some of the more intricate pieces are still a little challenging to get them centred and easily fitting onto the piece below, so it is good practice for his dexterity.

It's great how the car and caravan can be played with separately (good when you have two littlies who want one each to play with) or together, and that the whole back of the caravan opens up to provide more play opportunities, sitting at the dining table, drinking a cuppa and admiring the lovely mountain views outside.

LEGO City caravan man cooking a sausage on the fire

LEGO City caravan carrying its cargo

LEGO City caravan from the inside

LEGO City caravan on the inside

Yes this is rather naughty driving with one hand and eating a sausage in the other! Tut tut.

Funnily enough, last weekend I'd spent time creating a cool little woodland scene for the boys out of nothing but paper, scissors and glue. And once we'd finished creating our car and caravan, we drove them right into the scene, imagining our couple arriving at their favourite holiday spot. They unhook the caravan, go for a quick bike ride and light up the campfire to cook up their sausages for dinner.

LEGO caravan parked for the night

Pushbike with LEGO Car & Caravan

LEGO City car pulling caravan

If I could show you the rest of the day in pictures, it would look a little like this: the smallest child carrying the caravan, car and bike around with him EVERYWHERE he went. Including to the toilet every time he needed a wee. 

Engrossed in play with the LEGO City Car & Caravan

This set is one of many new cool LEGO City Great Vehicle sets which retail for $40 at a store near you. 

LEGO City Car & Caravan

Disclaimer: we received a LEGO City Car & Caravan in exchange for our review. All opinions and content in this post are our own. 

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Sarah at Catching the Magic said...

That looks amazing! My girls LOVE Lego and thank you for the big box that arrived the other week from the 'win'! Sophie is amazing at following instructions and loves to follow them, step by step, to create something amazing from the blocks! Lego really rocks!


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