23 April 2012

A flight with MNM Air

Ground staff, please make your final checks of the aeroplane before passengers embark.

Lifejackets under seat...check!

Pilot to control tower. Pilot to control tower. 

This is flight NZ461 from Wellington to Melbourne requesting permission to take off.

Flight NZ 461 you are cleared for take-off. But mind the debris on the runway as you go!


Hey co-pilot...shall we put the auto pilot on so we can go have a kip?


Wow look at the view out the window...

we can even see mountains, fields, lakes and animals down there 

Oops...don't lean out too far! 

The air hostess brings around some sweets to help the ears to pop for landing....

And welcome to Melbourne everybody where the local time is currently 2.45pm.

The sun is shining, and it's a balmy 25 degrees. 

Once again, we'd like to thank you for flying with MNM Air.

We hope to to see you again soon.

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