08 April 2012

Unfolding Hope - join with me..

Today is, for me, the most amazing day of the year. Yes, even better than Christmas.

I was born on Easter Sunday, and my mama described me as an Easter bundle of joy. What an amazing privilege it is to be born on the same day we celebrate our risen Lord.

I also consider it an amazing privilege to be born into my family, this country and to be living this wonderful life. It is a life of plenty, of opportunity, it is a blessed life.

But for so many others in the world, it is not.

Imagine being born into a life of slavery. And knowing nothing else.

Imagine living that life....right now, because 27 million others who share this Earth with you are. They are not free to come and go, to make their own choices, about where to live and who to love.

Can you imagine? I can't. Not even for a minute.

Today, I celebrate that this very day my Saviour saved me. And though I may not be able to save the world, I can do something. And I will do what I can.

Will you?

I am joining with Miriam at Make It Give It and others under the name Unfolding HopeWe are a group of Kiwi women who have decided to use our skills, time and creativity to make change in the lives of people. People matter and together our voices can rise against injustice and shine light into dark places. 


We are supporting Free The Slaves, an organisation committed to ending slavery around the world. We are asking you to put your wallet where our hope is and donate to our cause. We will be sending every dollar we make to the Free The Slaves charity which is set up to free people caught in slavery. Real people like us with families and children and friends. Free the Slaves aims to eradicate slavery in our lifetime.

For every $10 you donate before April 30th, your name will go into a draw to win a selection of wonderful prizes including this framed Kiwi summer print that I've donated. You can also see all the other amazing prizes here at Unfolding Hope.

Look what our efforts can do.

It is my birthday on Tuesday, and this year I am also donating my birthday money to support the dreams of Unfolding Hope. We are hoping to raise $2,000 this month.

Donations are secure via Paypal, and you can donate just by clicking this link.

Please go now and make a donation by credit card or via your own Paypal account if you have one.
We are only given one life, let’s use it to make real lasting change in the world, so together we can say ‘I saved someones life in 2012′.


Sophie Slim said...

Thank you for responding and being SO generous Meghan! Thank you! :)

Miriam said...

Awesome - thank you xxxx


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