27 April 2012

Things I'm loving 27.4.12

Baking up a storm
Loving that we've had the serious bake on lately. Truly. In the past week, we've made Ange's Cheese Rolls/Southern Sushi (I can now see why you said thin bread not toast though!), Remaliah's Chocolate Gateau (lucky I kept an eye on it, our oven must be way hotter it was done in about 40 minutes!), and our own Sticky Maple Chicken and Cheese Scones. Last but not least today was Mark's mum's Dorset Apple Cake which we have decided to rename Sally's Somerset Apple Cake (sounds so much nicer). Recipe to come!

Remaliah's chocolate gateau - delightful with chocolate sauce and french vanilla icecream!

 Those cheese scones

That apple cake!

Stripey socks
I love colourful socks. Especially on little feet. Love em.

Hunger Games, you're still the one
Addicted much! I have devoured books one and two, and finished the third book just as Mark and I went to the movies on Wednesday night to see it..finally...I'd been hanging out for a couple of weeks to go, and it didn't disappoint, although the book is still much better in my opinion. I've never gotten into Twilight so this is close to a pop culture series as I've gotten since reading the 'Tomorrow when the war began' series about ten years ago.

Dig, dig, digging
I'd only just signed up for a monthly carpark when I got notified that the carpark would be shut down for several weeks while a building right next door was demolished. Luckily, there was another carpark just around the corner so it hasn't been too inconvenient. Today all the inconvenience was worthwhile when we got to watch some major demolition at work. The boys (and I if I'm honest) were totally in awe of the massive machine making quick work of the 3-storey building. And it's a good thing they did close the carpark, because 'HERE' is the exact spot I used to park.

All by myself
Love seeing Noah coming up with his very own LEGO designs that actually look like what they are meant to be!

Autumn collection
Loving this little collection we put together after an outing to the Gardens - part of Noah's class focus at the moment was to collect some autumnal things - so we collected nuts, helicopter leaves, maple leaves and pinecones. It's undeniably autumny in our part of the world right now, and what a cracker of an autumn it has been so far.

Tawny Frogmouth
Love this guy we always see at the zoo. Out of all the creatures God made, this one was a doozy. How cool that this bird can camouflage himself to look like the bark on a tree and blend in with his surroundings? We've hardly ever seen him move, let alone fly, so I reckon he has definitely got the jump on any would-be predators!

Reliving the dream
Loving the pics my bro and Kim sent us from their honeymoon to Santorini in the Greek Islands and then onto Switzerland. Such amazing memories for us of our own honeymoon in Santorini 8 years ago.

And loving that it's been a short week this week. It felt weird but good having a day off mid-week, especially nice when I worked out this was the first Anzac Day in four years that we've actually had a week day off to celebrate it.

What have you found to love in your part of the world?!



Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Ooooh, that gateau looks so good...actually, so do the scones...and the apple cake...love the stripey socks (love stripey ANYthing!), and that bird is awesome. Have a great weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Love that lego! My Bean is only just getting into Lego, none of the kids have really been that keen on Duplo. The pics of Greece are amazing! And I must get my troops out and about in the Autumn leaves over here for some photos. xo

Catching the Magic said...

Such beautiful photographs Meghan and happy you've had a great week. Have a lovely weekend x

Miriam said...

Mmmmm new yummy recipes.. so good!

Cat said...

oh stripey socks are my favourite!!!
loven life over here is Canada
spring has finally sprung and change is in the air
the earth smells rich and the sun feels good

oh and loven' visiting here!♥

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

Love your list and so glad that you liked the movie! Those honey moon pics are amazing. xoxo

Jules said...

You would love Featherdale Wildlife Park, 15mins drive from our house...they have half a dozen Tawny Frogmouths out in the open, no cages, so if I was ever game enough I could pat one. But I don't want to risk getting a bite from that beak and they have that mean 'don't mess with me' look!! Very cool bird though.


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