09 September 2013

All things new...

Spring. The season of new life. 

No matter how dark and long the winter has been, the arrival of spring heralds vibrant colour into previously dull days.

The kowhai trees paint their canary colour against the cerulean sky.

And delicate pastel petals unfurl to meet the sun.

As much as I love the unique experiences that spring, summer and autumn behold, I find it hard to love those darker, colder times.

Every year, I ache for the subtle shift that transforms bare branches to glorious bloom.

It was a blessing to have had the opportunity to go walk-about on this first weekend in Spring.

A combination of a still morning and blue skies the perfect accompaniment to this journey of discovery.

The changing of the seasons a close correlation to how we find ourselves in the different seasons of our lives.

There's summer where we're riding waves of happiness and our heart feels like it's on a never-ending high.

The bittersweet of autumn when you wistfully acknowledge the leaves falling as a time of enjoyment in your life draws to a close.

Then there's winter.

A time of inner reflection and soul searching. It's filled with a longing to see brighter days again. It is often in these deep, dark, quiet days of winter that we grow and learn the most, no matter how many days we awaken wishing we didn't have to live through yet another of these days as it dawns.

And then...just when we can bear it no longer.....it comes.

The light comes.

And that seed hidden deep beneath the ground, that answer planted deep in our hearts through the long, lonely days of winter comes alive.

Hope rises.

And all things are made new.

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