04 September 2013

The City I Love: Night Photography

We'll never grow if we don't stretch ourselves. Practice makes perfect and all that.

Last week after saying goodbye to Nikki for the last time before she headed back to London I took the opportunity to practice some night photography. We've had such a balmy run of weather lately, but of course I just happened to choose the first windy night that we've had in ages...go me!

It was only the second time I've had the opportunity to use my tripod at night and wow what a difference it makes for capturing a steady shot. Although I couldn't figure out how to tighten a couple of the settings (mechanics and me = not an ideal combination, technology yes - mechanics no) until I got home so spent the whole time thinking that the camera might fall forward. Anyhow.....

It's one of the first times I've driven in Wellington at night with my eyes open to potential photo opportunities.

First stop: Wellington Railway Station where I dropped Nikki off. It's an impressive, historic-looking building and even more so at night.

I set up my tripod and apart from the annoying, half-drunk heading home commuter who tried to strike up a conversation enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with 'disappearing people' shots.

I don't recall ever taking notice before how beautifully lit up the station actually is at night.

Next stop: a vantage point high enough to practice some traffic trail shots.

It was almost too late in the night to be attempting this (at nearly 9pm) as there wasn't an obviously steady stream of traffic like there would have been at the tail end of rush hour.

These shots were all taken on 8 second exposure, aperture f/11.0, ISO 100.

I look forward to trying this out again in the near future on a night where there's a more consistent flow of traffic to see the difference in effect.

On the way home again, with freezing cold hands, I couldn't resist one more stop, outside Northland Tunnel.

There's something eerie about an empty tunnel at night don't you think? I don't think you'd never guess this was an inner city street with houses all around and in fact houses perched right over the top of the tunnel.

It was an eye-opening experience being out at night. The city takes on a whole different persona, one which I've never really seen through these eyes before. And on my travels, I saw so many more places that are on my list to visit on my next night adventure.


Sima J said...

LOVE your night shots :-)

Nikki said...

These photos = CHOICE AMAZEBALLS!!! They're beauty! x

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Absolutely love that final tunnel shot. You could be the only person in the world at that moment. Just you...........and a tunnel!
So cool Meg xx

Leanne M said...

These photos really are very cool, I love the taillights and often wondered how that effect is achieved. You have made the railway station look majestic, a word I would never have associated with that building. Northland Tunnel is not particularly known as a Wellington photographic icon, but you have made it look quite beautiful. Wonder what that person driving that car thought when they saw this lone woman standing there in the dark with her camera.

Melissa @ www.thebestnest.co.nz said...

Great pics M xx

Michelle said...

Great photos...what an inspiration you are. I think I might have to try some night-time photography. I've always wanted to capture star trails! Love that tunnel photo by the way, it's my favourite!

Julie said...

The colours and light in the first two series of shots are amazing but the last lonely pic is my favourite - great pics Meghan xx

Leonie said...

Absolutely stunning - so glad you got the opportunity to play and enjoy it! x

Sophie said...

Ooooh love them - especially the warm colours of the railway station. Isn't it relaxing to be able to stop and do something just for you?!

Sammy said...

Gorgeous Megs! Love the road ones x


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