24 September 2013

Get your Ninja Bake on!

Last year a whole bunch of enthusiastic Ninja's ladies baked for Sistas up and down the country. 170 baked goodies were dropped off by 77 bakers aka ninjas. That's 170 lives made brighter by the kindness of total strangers. It was UH-MAZING to be a part of something so.....good. You can read my story here.

And this year is gonna be even bigger AND better.

There's already over 100 bakers registered.  I'm not going to be able to bake anything this year since I'll be out of the country....waaaaaaaaaaaaah! But I've managed to convince 2 other friends to bake so I figure we're actually up one on the odds right? I also have 2 lovely ladies I'm going to nominate who I know could really do with some Sisterhood loving right now.

Check out Sophie's Sisterhood post to find out all the details - I love the video she made to promote this year's Ninja Bake - so I'm sharing it here too.

If you haven't registered yet...you only have until tomorrow - so what are you waiting for?! Get those ninja fingers clicking here.

Let the joy of knowing you will be bringing a beautiful smile to a lovely lady out there be all the encouragement you need to get involved this year!


Sophie Slim said...

thanks for being such an enthusiastic Sister!! WOOHOO!!!

Loved your involvement last year, thanks for upping the rego's this time ;)


Curious Runner said...

This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Just signed up... Now I just need to remember how to bake things that you don't just do in the food processor (recipes from Petite Kitchen) :) Looking forward to using actual butter and sugar again too... Treats!

Sophie said...

such a lovely movement!!


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