18 September 2013

Family Fun: Real-life Ghost Mansion

A few months back Mark invested in a Wii U game console. It came with a whole load of games that are straight forward enough for the kids to play. One of these games is called Luigi's Ghost Mansion.

Cue scary music.

The basic premise of the game is that the person with the game pad is the Ghost. The Ghost can see the other players wandering around the house and has to try to sneak up on them and grab them without the other players shining their torch on the Ghost.

The other players have normal game controllers and are looking at the game on the TV screen. They can't see the ghost but when the ghost gets close enough their game controllers vibrate so they know the ghost is not far away and that they'd better run or shine their torch quick smart.

If the ghost gets the torch shined on him enough times, he loses his power and the game is over. But if the ghost grabs the players twice, they are out for the count and the game is over.

The boys enjoy the game so much they asked if we could play a real-life version around the house.

Here's how we play:

  1. Wait for it to get proper dark. 
  2. Give all the players a torch except the ghost. 
  3. The ghost then goes and hides somewhere in the house.
  4. The players go looking for the ghost with their torches on.
  5. If the ghost jumps out at the players before they turn the torches on, they are the winner.
  6. If the ghost gets found first, the other players win.
Cue a whole lot of heart-pumping adrenalin, a fair bunch of screaming, and general crazy mayhem. 

A trap is set to make it look like there's a ghost hiding under the covers - but really it's just pillows

Everything looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay spookier in the dark don't you think!

It sure takes hide-n-seek to a whole other level!


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Brilliant fun!!!!

Neetz said...

Awww that's a fantastic game...might have to do that over Christmas when my kids are all together with all their cuzzies... noise control might be called!! hahahaa... Thanks for that.. great easy to play game!! xx

Sophie said...

sounds like fun!!!


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