25 September 2013

The City I Love: through the pages of a book

Once in a while, I have a moment. Where I feel like I've stepped straight out of reality and into the pages of a children's picture book. The world becomes glossier, larger than life and a veritable feast for the eyes. Every colour and shade is deeper somehow, scents are stronger, and the whole world is brighter and more alive than ever.

It would have been so easy to miss this moment. Back at home there was a long to-do list waiting for me with a birthday party on the weekend and this big trip just around the corner. But on the other hand, this moment was just what I needed. A stolen hour, away from the 'I must.....' 

I'm sure anyone will tell you that their home city is beautiful in the late afternoon spring sunshine. But Wellington is unusual. There is such an abundance of native foliage around the city that where we are graced with cherry blossom, kowhai and magnolia blossoms they stand out as a shining beacon amongst all the forest green native bush hues. If you manage to get close enough the mingling scent of white and pink magnolia become a heady rush for the senses, while tulips bathed in sun-flare appear purer than the whitest snow.

It was a wonderful world to escape into, where every page turned brought more wonder and awe. It was only an hour, just enough to restore a little soulfood in a busy week. 


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh I love Wellington!! xx

Leonie said...

Lovely Meghan - those tulips are breathtaking x

Sophie said...

I've never been to Wellington but oh how I miss cherry blossom in the spring from Pakistan. We have a magnolia in our front yard too and it is just a joy to watch bloom! xx


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