16 September 2013

Things I'm Loving is going on holiday too!

So y'all know I'm off-ski to England in only a couple of week's time.

Random fact for the day: did you know that as at the time of writing I've written 138 Things I'm Loving posts and have been the weekly host for 70 weeks (since taking it over from the original host Paisley Jade)?! Wow.

It is still one of the favourite times of my week - to jump off the crazy roller coaster ride of the busy week long enough to just sit quietly and reflect on what snippets of life I'd like to share, funny Internet happenings, videos, songs. You name it, I've shared it.

With our imminent holiday approaching, I thought it would also be the perfect opportunity to have a short 4-5 week break while we're away. So this is a shout-out for an eager volunteer(s) to take the Things I'm Loving linky on a little holiday over to your place for a few weeks.

Not that there won't be plenty of Things to Love that I'll share while we're away. In fact there will probably be blog and photo overloads I am sure - and I may even link up with the holiday host! But it would also be nice not to have the pressure of a schedule to keep while we're away and to just blog when the time and fancy takes me.

If I get more than one offer (ha ha - I should be so lucky!), the linky might be able to go on a bit of a blog hop from week to week - I also have all the linky code set up for each week ready to go to make it easy for the new host!

STOP PRESS: After a lovely offer from Cat of Catalina's Cottage Things I'm Loving is packing its bags and heading to warmer climes up north for those 5 weeks!


A little bit country said...

Have a wonderful, safe and happy trip. Look forward to your holidays posts. Elaina xo

Unknown said...

Exciting for you that your trip is coming up so soon! According to our weather forecast, next week will be turning really chilly, but then October will be nice so you might even get decent weather while you are here!


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