05 September 2013

This one time at Wellington blog camp....

You wouldn't think there would be enough to talk about the concepts of blogging to fill a whole day now would you?

Well you'd be wrong. Because last Saturday we did just that. And after a whole day immersed in the world of SEO, Google Penguin and Pandas, Problogger, and StatCounter, I feel like I only just scratched the surface of possibilities.

But needless to say, I'm pumped. Inspired. And more passionate than ever about this slightly odd hobby-come-enterprise-come-obsession I've found myself increasingly enamoured with these past few years.

Our host VegemiteVix (aka Vicki Jeffels) recently returned home from England with her Englishman and 3 teenagers. It's safe to say that England's loss is our gain as in the few short months since she's been home she's been a veritable whirlwind of activity setting up Parents Online NZ as well as hosting 3 blog camps in Auckland and Wellington these past few weeks.

I thought I knew a fair bit about blogging until I went to blog camp. But golly my eyes were opened.

The day was jam packed full of useful, practical information which gives me no excuse but to go out there and rock my blog now.

I also met some cool other Wellington bloggers who I didn't know even existed like Leanne from My Year of Crafting Dangerously (who might as well my neighbour she lives so close!) and Madeleine from NZ Eco Chick  whose sustainable approach to life is incredibly inspiring (as well some other keen people who are just starting out on their blogging journey). I'm hoping we can build more of a blog community here in Wellington and we might as well take charge and make this happen right!

And now it's time to put into practice what I learnt so I'm off to tackle a few tasks on the now growing to-do list taking MNM's Adventures from good to great!

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