11 September 2013

Doodle Dice - Game Review

Whilst I'm on a roll with the game reviews (see my previous Sleeping Queens card game review here), I thought I'd share another great new game we've been playing in our household.

Think Yahtzee but with a fun arty twist!

To start the game you place six cards - one of each colour - face up on the table. The first person rolls their six dice and tries to make one of the pictures shown on the cards.

Depending on their first roll, they may immediately be able to match their shapes to a card like in this example where I immediately rolled 'lollipop'.

If no card is matched, you can keep some dice towards a picture you are making and re-roll the other dice. In this example, I kept 2 dice from the initial throw, and re-threw the other dice. On the second go, I was able to match 'hot soup'.


You are allowed three rolls in total before your turn is over and play passes to the next player.

Each time you take your turn, you turn a card over and place it on top of the card of the same colour. You can see by the pictures that purple is by nature the hardest colour to get because you have to get all 6 dice to match within your 3 rolls, and the winner is the first person to collect a card of every colour.

This game reminds me of logic and spatial reasoning tests that you sometimes undertake as an adult, and I think it is great for the kids to have to visualise what their different shapes are making.

I love some of the unique combinations and names they have come up with on the cards - some very clever combinations.

Despite the fact it says it is for ages 6 and up, Mylo at age 4 is more than capable of playing. It's a great game to get the whole family around the table to play, and would make a great birthday or Christmas present for someone in your life.

N.B. I was not paid nor did I receive the product to review. I have merely enjoyed the great fun our family has had playing this and wanted to share!


Miriam said...

I love the look of this game Mehan. Love it! Please, please link up to we recommend :o) (there's a giveaway involved this week too!)

Leonie said...

this looks great! thanks for sharing - will have to bookmark it!

jacksta said...

looks like an interesting one!

Julie said...

Great idea for Chrissie presents - thanks Meghan! xx


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