30 September 2013

Travelling mercies...this is how we're gonna roll...

OK so Friday is now only 4 sleeps away. I'm not stressing.....much as much as I probably could be.

Things have been packed although the bags aren't quite ready to close yet. But the task of putting things in the suitcases over the weekend got me thinking about my hopes for this trip and the prayers I am praying, and will be praying as we go:

A greater measure of patience
Travelling with kids is bound to test the patience of a saint. Add potential delays, no sleep, funny time zones and jet lag into the mix and you're almost guaranteed there's going to be at least one meltdown at some point. But hopefully it won't be me......Lord give me a greater measure of patience....don't let tiredness and little frustrations along the way overwhelm me.

The funny side
There's bound to be something that goes a bit tits up. Whether it's an important item that doesn't make it into the bag, a missed flight connection, a major food spillage on the aeroplane or something that leaks in the bag, there's definitely room for potential mini disasters along the way. Rather than letting it stress us out to the max, instead.....Lord let me find a way to see the humour in the situation and find a way to lighten the moment and just laugh!

Keep us healthy
How many times have you gone on holiday after an insanely busy period and your body has just physically crashed big-time the minute you finally exhale? Too many times. The last 2 times we went to the UK in 2006 and 2008, Mark literally got off the plane and spent the next 24 hours hugging the toilet with tummy bugs. So we'll be praying against that happening again for a start! We will be keeping up with our vitamin C at the minimum and have our hand sanitiser at the ready, but more than that we'll be praying....Lord give us health and vitality each and every day.

Embrace the adventure
This trip is a major undertaking for us - it's our first long-haul trip in six years and our first long-haul trip for the four of us. And while we all thrive on our daily routines in normal life, this is an opportunity to throw out the rule book (well to a certain extent!) and just go with the flow a bit more.....Lord let us embrace this opportunity and remember that we are creating family memories that will last a lifetime. 
So these are my hopes and dreams for these upcoming weeks.

And when you undertake something new or big in your life do you stop and actively consider your hopes and concerns, acknowledging any difficulties you might face along the way and allowing your heart to soar with the awesome possibilities that lie before you?

I really believe that by bringing these to the fore, the opportunity to carpe diem is truly enhanced because we are actively engaging in the moment rather than just allowing life to happen to us.


Nikki said...

Love the pics! It's easy to say just go with the flow, but that's when you're travelling solo! I reckon (from observing families on the plane not too long ago) Just make sure you're prepared with 'spares', and the boys are super lush so people will love oogling at them on the plane too!

I seriously cannot WAIT to see you all, it's what's keeping me going at the mo! xxx

Leonie said...

So lovely! I'm sure it will be fine and go great with lots of happy memories x

Catching the Magic said...

I always go expecting the worse (travelling with kids), being well prepared and then - most of the time - pleasantly surprised at how well we all did. You will have an amazing time and I so look forward to seeing and hearing about all your experiences. Best wishes and hope any little hitches are just that, little and pass quickly xxxx

Leanne M said...

Stunning images, once again. I've never seen that yellow house before. You have the right attitude to travelling with small children, all will be well and you will have an exhausting AND amazing time.

Katie said...

Wishing you all a safe and happy journey and holiday! Have lots of fun, looking forward to your photos of the UK in Autumn (I really miss British Autumn :-( )

Leonie said...

When we went away with the kids last year I decided to spend every moment 'in the moment'. We had a sleepless flight which was countered by a lovely hotel that let us check in 5 hours early. We had one night of a child vomiting that meant we had a rest day for everyone the next day. I promise that breathing and feeling each moment, no matter what happens, will make it a time to remember fondly.
Have a wonderful time xx

Bron said...

Beautiful post...my prayers with you to ...have a fantastic safe and fun time. xxxx


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