13 September 2013

Things I'm Loving: What does the Fox Say, Giant Slides, Crochet, Madman Jumpers and much more

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Meet the MNM's makeover
I've been doing a fair bit of behind the scenes work on the blog. Nothing too much has changed from a reader perspective yet, although I am rather loving the new Meet the MNM's page I designed the other day. Sneak preview here.

What Does the Fox Say?
This quirky video has become an overnight Internet sensation this past week with 16 million views - how mad is that! It is pretty hilarious, if completely random. The kids absolutely love making all the fox 'sounds' too. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your Friday!

Amazing skies
Loving the amazing skies that I've captured via iPhone and posted to Instagram lately. Morning or evening, stormy or clear skies, they've all been breathtaking. It's been hard to keep my phone in my pocket that's for sure!

Scooter reflections
Also loving these 2 shots I took reflected in the same scooter on different days.

It is finished
My first ever crochet project is done. It took a few weeks in amongst a lot of other busy stuff but I did it. Nikki kindly said it looked better than her first attempt, but I think she was probably just being nice! I think I did a row or 2 too many in the end but guess it's better to have one's ears covered than not!

A slide and a half
Loving the amazing covered slide Noah introduced us to at a local school. He goes to this school each week for swimming lessons in Term 4 each year, and Mylo is taking some introductory lessons there as well for the next few weekends. Noah was gagging to show off how cool and big this slide was.  We had to agree when we saw them zooming down it that this was indeed no ordinary slide.

This is only the half of it too. Once you jump off this one there's another just as big one that carries on further down the hill. Kid heaven!

He's not scared of heights
This is one amazing video of a guy free jumping all over buildings and rooves - not sure where - it looks a bit like Europe but it is pretty mind blowing. I dare ya not to say 'WHOA!' at some point while watching it!

Lots of letters
We spent a rainy Wednesday afternoon writing a card to our World Vision children in Bangladesh and Uganda this week. I was somewhat blown away by a) Mylo's flower and b) his letter writing - he wrote that all himself with no help from me! Not bad for someone not turning 4 till next week!

I find it hard to believe that in 3 weeks today we'll be winging our way to distant shores. It feels like there's still so much to do, including another birthday party to host next weekend, not to mention the actual packing up and going.

Oh well, taking it one day at a time is the best plan of attack methinks!

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CHD said...

Lovely list. I love your new page, the sky, the scooter picture, and your crochet. All of it. Cx

jacksta said...

that hat is AWESOME!! well done!

Leanne M said...

Wow - you've taken your "Meet the MNMs" page to a whole new level, love it! You did a great job on the hat, I don't think it looks like you did too many rows at all, it looks just right. Good luck with all the party preparations and the trip, how very exciting!

Bron said...

Well done on the crocheting....love the sunsets and the free jumper....not sure i get the Fox though...but maybe that was their point. xxxxx

Leonie said...

So many fun things! and exciting things coming up! and go you with your first crochet hat! whoohoo! have a great weekend x

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Love the hat Meg. Great post xx

Catching the Magic said...

Love your 'Meet the MNMs' and the hat! Wow, you amaze me with your creativity. Lovely scenic shots too and go Mylo on that writing xxx


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